4 Landscape Maintenance Tips For A Large Yard


Maintaining a large amount of land, such as a yard that takes up more than a half an acre, can be a bit of a challenge whether in a residential neighborhood or an agricultural setting. Having the right equipment, such as quality mowers and other supplies, can make maintaining a large plot of land a lot easier. Still, there are some tips worth keeping in mind to avoid hassles.

Sharpen Mower Blades Often

When you have more than a half acre to maintain, it should go without saying that a push mower isn't going to cut it. A standing or riding mower will make the job of mowing your lawn exponentially easier, but it's also important that you take the time to sharpen your mower's blades regularly. This should be done at least once per mowing season to keep them cutting sharply and to avoid damage to your grass.

Aerate Turf Once a Year

Aeration is also important when it comes to maintaining a healthy yard. Specifically, aeration helps to work the soil and keep it from becoming too compacted, which can prevent it from absorbing the nutrients it needs and potentially kill your grass. A manual aerator may work but will take up a great deal of time on such a large plot of land, so consider renting or purchasing an agricultural grade option.

Invest in Quality Edging Equipment

Edging between your turf and flower beds or walkways will keep your landscaping looking sharp and prevent overgrowth. While a weed-whacker, when held at the right angle, can get the job done—it's in your best interest to use a professional edger if you have a lot of landscaping on your property. This will save you a lot of time and effort in maintaining your landscaping.

Consider Getting a Sprinkler System

Finally, because manually watering a large plot of land can be a huge hassle, you may want want to consider installing a sprinkler system on your property. This will allow you to keep your yard properly hydrated, especially during dry spells, and maintain its health and appearance. You can install your own sprinkler system with the right tools and know-how, or you can hire a professional to handle the job.

These are just a few important tips worth keeping mind when it comes to maintaining the landscaping on your larger plot of land. These tips, along with the right equipment, can really go a long way.


17 January 2017

Growing A Healthy Garden

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