Horse Trailer Or Livestock Trailer? Keep Your Options Open

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Finding a great deal on a horse trailer, especially one with all the bells and whistles, can be the answer to many years of searching. For horse owners who aren't professional horse people, a trailer is a significant investment in the equine lifestyle without the benefit of a tax write-off, so many of them delay the purchase until they find a very affordable model. Those who take horses to shows, fairs and rodeo game nights typically have their minds set on trailers specifically designed for horses. However, sometimes a generic livestock trailer – or stock trailer- can be more affordable and a more versatile option.

Livestock Vs. Horse Trailer

Livestock trailers are designed for hauling less delicate species such as cattle, hogs and sheep. In general, they

  • Don't have windows
  • Have about 2 inches of open space between each slat to provide much-needed ventilation
  • Usually don't have a fold down loading ramp in the rear
  • Don't have a side door that allows the handler to exit after loading without walking back past the horse, or to access the feed and water buckets from the outside.

However, many stock trailers are dual-purpose and can be safely and easily adapted to use for horses. While windows look great from the outside, they aren't really necessary unless you are in an area with extreme temperatures. If most of your show season is in the summer and you won't ever haul your horse in the dead of winter, a livestock trailer will probably suit your needs.

Horses that are trailer-shy or that don't like to step up will do better with a horse trailer with a ramp. Although these features are convenient, they aren't that important when a horse loads well or if you are only doing short hauls.

Other Reasons to Consider a Livestock Trailer

Unlike horse trailers with built-in dividers or fold down ramps, stock trailers are designed to haul other species. If a child in the family branches out in 4-H and starts showing hogs or sheep, it's easy to haul their animals (and their friend's animals) to the fair and back. Stock trailers may not have full scale living quarters for week-long horse shows, but some have tack rooms and storage areas to haul your saddles, hay and shovels. This is more than adequate if you only go to single day shows or game nights.

Without the chrome trim, pin striping and sliding windows a livestock trailer may not turn as many heads in the horse show parking lot, but it can get your horse where it needs to go for a fraction of the price. Remember that there is always a market for used trailers in good condition. Keep the floors clean and dry, and you can always sell or trade in that stock trailer for a horse trailer when you are ready to upgrade. Contact a local dealer, like Colorado Trailers Inc, for more information.


21 September 2015

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